Adult Cam Affiliate Programs

Cam Girl Affiliate Programs

Welcome to the guide for adult affiliate marketers on live cam affiliate programs.

These days porn content that was traditionally popular with adult surfers have taken a back seat to live sex shows. Our cam girls’ affiliate program guide helps you quickly and easily locate the most popular money-making opportunities for your adult traffic.

Cam Porn Affiliate Offers
Cam porn affiliate offers give webmasters the opportunity to monetize adult content in very diverse ways because the content itself is so diverse.

First off as a successful cam affiliate marketer let me fill you in on the fact that white label sex cams are a waste of your energy because of the fact that brands are what people stick to in the long term. Therefore you should stick to suggesting the truly recognized porn cam sites that YOU WOULD USE yourself and TRULY DELIVER the best value for the long run to users.

This is what I do. I merely share the places where I most enjoy using sex cams who also happen to offer trustworthy sex cam affiliate programs. I could not sleep at night if I had to suggest or even share sex webcam sites that didn’t deliver on their promises.

Adult Cam Affiliate Programs
Adult Cam Affiliate Programs

Top Adult Cam Affiliate Programs

Over the years I have tried all the adult cam affiliate programs and I have seen that many of these sites are such low quality that it is not worth people’s time to try many webcam sites and so I really focus on just being a resource site for users to learn about the top adult cam sites.

That said I am always happy to share some of the webcam sex affiliate programs that we have seen are the best for porn traffic.  These are the programs that large publishers trust as they know that they treat users with respect, safeguard user privacy, and respect their partners.

Sure there are loads more live sex cam affiliate programs out there but the truth is I can only refer you to these two. The rest have issues of different sorts and are not places I can recommend.

Best Cam Porn Affiliate Offers

  1. The liveJasmin affiliate program is located here. This is perhaps the most famous brand in the world when it comes to live sex shows and their adult video chat affiliate program is second to none.
  2. Chaturbate affiliate program is a place where you make less per referred user but the fact they pay for free registered users means your conversion rate will be much higher on average and will bring up your overall income from using the Chaturbate affiliate program. It’s the most improved adult cam affiliate program online.

Realize the average spend per user on chaturbate is lower but the rebuy rate is the best in the sex cams affiliate program space. People come back for years often on this program so your lifetime return is better than other adult cam affiliate programs.

At the end of the day only refer to the cam sex affiliate offers for the sites that you REALLY use yourself and trust and regularly update these offerings so that you are being honest with your readers. That is the best advice we can offer other adult webcam affiliates.

These are the top adult affiliate programs when it comes to live cams.

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