What is a dildo

6 Most Common Types of Dildos Explained

This is 2022 and we are reviewing artificial sex toys especially dildo for women, gay and every one those want to feel the touch either gentle or a harder way. Guys like to imagine their own organ instead of dildo held by the cam girls over the adult webcam site and we are here to tear down every small detail about dildo.

Learn the different types of dildos. All used by webcam girls during live sex performance, we break down how they differ from one another. Tools of the trade!

We explained here the most common types of dildo used by cam performers.

What is a dildo?

what is a dildo
Nothing makes you feel better than a banana, and cam models know it

Well, a dildo is an artificial way to represent a man organ in a better way for the women or sometimes, used by a gay person as well to fulfill the desire or reach the orgasm. Usually, it is made of rubber, plastic, or silicon that makes you feel like you are touching original dick.

The positive thing about this is you need not expect that hardness and girth from a man and wait to have a good sex moment.

Smooth dildos

They are made from a variety of materials including silicone, Pyrex glass, plastic, and rubber. They are great for quick thrusting as you will experience less friction than some of the ribbed variations. They are also sometimes preferred for anal stimulation for those who enjoy gentle stroking.

Curved G-spot and Prostate Dildos

They are by far the most popular as they can be used for both G-spot and prostate massage. In fact, you will rarely see one without some kind of curve incorporated as the human body has a slight curve so this is what makes them fit so well. The reason that the curve is so popular is that you can use it to apply more pressure up into the g-spot or prostate and that pressure means more pleasure.

Different shape and size of dildos, you can go the organic way as well

Strap-on dildos

They can be worn by both men and women and are designed to provide anal and vaginal penetration. Anal dildos can also be used for vaginal stimulation – many of these will have a flared base, handle, or ring at the end. Unlike the vagina, the rectum can take in a sex toy and make it rather difficult to get out. That is why you should choose a dildo that is designed for keeping it under control. Another reason is the bacteria transfer. Avoid using ones that cannot be completely sterilized as bacteria will get out of control and can cause infection the next time you use it. If you cannot completely sterilize it you should put a condom over it; this especially applies to the more porous makes.

cheap dildo
Beware about the fake market and stay away from cheap dildo

Double dildos

They come in a variety of styles – there are curved ones that can flex and be used to stimulate the same person anally and vaginally or in a variety of combinations. In this instance, you can use it on yourself with single penetration or with a partner with single or double penetration. Double-ended dildos can penetrate both anally and vaginally.

modern day dildo
Modern-day dildo with vibrators

Vibrating dildos

They can come with a vibrator or without. You will want to note where the power is coming from to determine how much you will feel it. If the power of vibration is coming through a removable bullet in the back, you will most likely have a mild vibration. However, if the vibrator is built into the dildo then it will likely be a much stronger vibration.

We hope this explainer has helped you make a more informed decision when it comes to shopping for dildos – now go have some fun like the way popular sexy cam girls do.

How to use dildo efficiently?

You only need your own hand and the mood to make it of good use. It is portable and you can use it whenever you want it. Just make sure about the hygiene and wash it regularly after using.

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